Meet Jeff

Hi there and welcome to the Unconditional Healing website,

My name is Jeff Rubin. I have been a student and teacher in the Shambhala Buddhist tradition for over forty years, which has served as my north star through some very difficult times.  Unconditional Healing came about through my personal journey with a progressive degenerative illness, which first surfaced all the way back in 1999.   Even after visiting dozens of health practitioners, and undergoing countless tests, I was unable to secure a firm diagnosis, never mind a cure.

In 2006, inspired by my own experiences of working with my illness, and by my study of various teachings on working with illness and pain, I developed a program entitled "Unconditional Healing: Embracing Illness and Adversity and Discovering One's True Self. The workshop presented bedrock principles of unconditional health and well-being and a unique way of working with painful situations that reduced one's suffering, fears, and feelings of helplessness immensely.  The workshop was well received, and I have since offered it at a variety of places around the country.  I also learned that this approach could help people cope, and even thrive while undergoing immense difficulties.

In response to the workshops, and the need for ongoing support for people who were struggling, I established several Healing Circles. The Healing Circles are support groups that meet regularly and offer a safe confidential environment for those wanting to be acknowledged and heard without judgment.  Unlike other support groups that coalesce around a specific malady or illness, Healing Circles coalesce around a desire to not only acknowledge and support each other, but to use our difficulties to transform ourselves.   We ask - what can I learn from my pain and how can I use it to become gentle, wiser, and more resiient?  Healing Circles are now operating in Manhattan, Los Angeles, and Orange County, CA. (Please read more about the Healing Circles here.

While my journey has been difficult for me and for those that I love and that love me,  I now see it as a blessing, bringing a sense of focus and urgency to my life that was erstwhile lacking. I created this website to share what I’ve learned and to reach a broader audience looking for support and teachings on how best to unlock their own hidden resources of wisdom and confidence in the face of daunting challenges. With humility and a strong desire to be of service, I hope individuals will find some small measure of solace, support and wisdom within these pages, and the various offerings within.


---Jeff Rubin

Director, Unconditional Healing