Personal Guidance Sessions

When pain, adversity and chaos enters our life, it can feel tremendously disorienting as our very identity is called into question. However painful, this also brings an opportunity for a fresh start in every aspect of our being. Unconditional Healing is a spiritual view and practice that takes advantage of this natural opening to look inward, and re-assess our life.
Jeff is now offering spiritual guidance  sessions for those experiencing such a moment in their lives.  This work is based on Jeff’s more than 35 years as a Buddhist teacher and practitioner in the Shambhala Buddhist tradition, and his own challenge with chronic illness.   These sessions address what is needed for the particular individual, but will typically include one or more of the following themes: 
  • How to view pain, adversity and chaos as a spiritual path
  • Reducing one’s suffering
  • Working with extreme emotions 
  • Working with grief
  • Working with others' suffering in a balanced way - especially relevant for caregivers
  • Customized meditation instruction
  • Integration of Unconditional Healing principles into one’s life
  • Instruction in embodiment practice as an antidote to “living in one’s head”
  • Practicing when bedridden
  • Recommended study and readings
Sessions are conducted via a video call or phone call.  Rates are $80.00 for a 60 min. session.
Please contact Jeff at to inquire further, or to schedule an appt.